What Is Membership?

Like most things in life, the more you put into your membership with Founders Organization, the better it gets.

When you join our community of go-getters and dream weavers, you’re welcomed into a new paradigm of personal and professional fulfillment: the enduring friendship, keen insight, and unprecedented adventure you’ve been yearning for.

We’re committed to creating deep, meaningful connections. That’s why the more engaged you are with The Founders Organization, the more benefits you’ll experience.

Included in Membership

Access to a vetted community of Founders

The Founders Organization is the only industry agnostic, vetted community of founders in the world. With fewer than 10% of applicants making the cut, you can be assured that your fellow members are some of the most interesting founders in the world.

Members-Only Website & App

Our members-only website is your place for connecting with other members. The mobile app connects our members via chat and in person by telling you which members and events are nearby.  We’ve got a searchable membership database, tons of info about each member, details on exclusive events, TFO news, and tons more.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are thought-provoking spaces for members to deeply address the topics, challenges, opportunities, and happenings within a specific business space. Each mastermind group is comprised of five to ten10 members and focused on a specific industry, topic, or skill set. Groups meet monthly, via video conference and have a private online forum for communicating between calls. Members can join as many as five mastermind groups.

Expert AMA’s

Twice a month, or more, we host “Ask me Anything” panels with experts in their fields. AMA’s are interactive engagements, giving members access to thought leaders, experts, and in-depth information while inviting members to ask a wide range of questions. Because each session is packed with compelling information, every panel is recorded for members and shared through our website. But keep in mind, only people on the live calls are guaranteed to get the best information – often we’re required to cut out some of the juiciest or most controversial details before posting the recordings.

Strategic Member-to-Member Introductions

The Founders Organization members-only website portal makes connecting a cinch, but nothing beats the power of a personal introduction. That’s why we make both strategic and random member introductions to spark much-needed conversations and unexpected friendships. Randomized intros remove all human bias, ensuring that you meet a wide variety of members and create unique connections that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Member Experiences

Local Connections

We’ve built a calendar of ongoing dinners, drinks, and coffee shop collectives for members to meet live and in-person all across the country. These members-only events are low-key and accessible, making them easy to integrate into your busy schedule.

Evening Events

Chances are you’ve already attended a Founders Dinner or Founders Drinks. Our events are intimate affairs where you actually get to know the attendees. The popularity of our events cannot be understated. Members fly in from all four corners of the country to attend these events. An evening spent with founders is a guarantee you will be leaving with more friends than had when you showed up.


Several times a year we run retreats for our members ranging from intense, high-adrenaline adventures to eye-opening cultural expeditions to minimalist getaways. Each event is designed to push your boundaries in surprising ways, deepen your connections with your peers, and help you become a better leader and entrepreneur.

Additional member experience details:

  • 10 to 20 members at every event, each focused on building friendships
  • Monthly retreats spanning three to six days and held all across the country
  • Members are required to attend one retreat per year

Annual Summit

Beginning in 2018, once a year we bring all of our members together for three to four days of war stories, peer-to-peer education, member bonding, keynotes, and awesome lifetime memories. Details on next year’s summit will be announced soon, and we can’t wait to see you there.

Member Gifts

We’ve been known to send our members some pretty cool gifts, just to keep things interesting.

What we ask of our Members:

1. Remain an Active Member

To be an active member of The Founders Organization you must continue to participate in a mastermind group and/or attend two experiences per year. If you fail to remain active you will be required to reapply for membership.

2. Membership Investment

Your membership investment is paid annually. Your investment will never increase so long as you remain an active member. Your annual investment is broken down into two sections: membership dues and experience deposit. While your membership dues cover nearly everything you do with The Founders Organization, experiences and many dinners are not covered. Whether you’re joining us for an 11-day cruise in the Galapagos or an overnight excursion to NYC, or a Founders Dinner in your hometown, you can apply your Experience Deposit to an upcoming trip or event. This $1,000 pre-payment is meant to encourage you to get out and meet members from around the world. If you don’t use the deposit, you lose it—so please use it!

Ready to Join?

Your next step is to submit an application. It only takes a few minutes to complete and it will kickstart your journey with The Founders Organization.

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